FACT: One-third of all fatal and serious traffic crashes are due at least in part to poor road conditions.

Did a Pothole Hit Your Pocketbook?

Enter our Pothole Pocketbook Contest today for a chance to have your car repair paid for (up to $500).

Car driving over potholeWith spring pothole season upon us, Michigan motorists are likely to find themselves dodging potholes all across our state. Despite your best efforts, you might find yourself in a repair shop soon thanks to our bad roads.

We’re here to help – with our Pothole Pocketbook Contest, where we will pay for auto repair due to bad roads (up to $500) – for four lucky Michigan motorists.

But don’t stop there! Once you’ve entered the contest, make sure your own legislator knows what happened to your car because of Michigan’s bad roads. After submitting your entry, use our Contact Your Legislator tool and ask your state legislators to invest in our roads and transportation. Investing in transportation is the only real way to reduce the high cost to motorists of bad roads.

Enter the Pothole Pocketbook Contest

Enter our Pothole Pocketbook Contest today for a chance to have your car repair paid for (up to $500). All entries must be from Michigan residents and Michigan mechanics.

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How to enter:

  1. First – fix your car! Make sure to save a copy of your repair bill. Take a photo of your car’s damage for an extra entry in the contest.
  2. Take a photo or scan your repair bill.
  3. Go to JustFixTheRoads.com/contest and fill out our online entry form.Make sure to include your name (which should match up with the name on your bill), your contact info, and the contact info of your mechanic/body shop, along with a brief description of what happened – both the damage to your car and the repair. Only vehicles registered in Michigan are eligible. We will verify with your mechanic that damage was due to a bad road.
  4. We will select ONE winner at random on March 3, March 10, March 17, March 24, and March 31. Each winner will receive a check for the cost of their repair, not to exceed $500.  Each submitted bill is one entry. Bills that are submitted along with a photo of the pothole that caused the damage will be worth two entries. Submit a photo of the damage to your car for a third entry in the contest.
  5. The winner will receive a check equal to the cost of the repair or $500 (if the repair cost over $500).

Legal Stuff

Entrants will grant to the contest sponsors and their designees the right to use their names, addresses (city and state only) and submitted material (with license plate and unique vehicle information like VIN removed) for advertising and promotional activities in any and all media now or in the future in perpetuity, without additional compensation or consent. Contest sponsors reserve the right to cancel or extend this contest for any reason without notice. Contest sponsors reserve the right to modify the official rules for any reason without notice.

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