FACT: One-third of all fatal and serious traffic crashes are due at least in part to poor road conditions.

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Michigan Laborers Road Tour Calls On Legislature to Act on Road Funding

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8th July

To highlight the road funding crisis, the Michigan Laborers hosted press conferences across the state recently.

Mark Schauer: Put politics aside and just fix Michigan’s roads

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28th January

Mark Schauer: “There will be 11,000 jobs created by making an investment in our roads, bridges, transit and infrastructure.”

Michigan Laborers support fixing our roads now

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16th January

“Our members are ready to get to work fixing our roads and bridges to help rebuild Michigan’s economy.”

Latest News and Blog Posts

Come back frequently for the latest news on Michigan's roads crisis, along with blog posts from members of our coalition and others who agree: just fix the roads now!

Metro Detroit Floods Expose Underinvestment in Infrastructure
August 13, 2014
Detroit Floods: Persistent underinvestment in infrastructure has dire consequences.
Voters Across the State Overwhelmingly Approve Road Funding
August 12, 2014
MITA press release regarding successful primary election road funding results.
Election 2014: Voters Obviously Willing To Pay More For Roads
August 11, 2014
Voters last week were generous with regard to approving local road funding.
Local Communities Place Road Work Millages On August Ballot
July 28, 2014
Road millages are on the ballot in communities across the state next week.
How to Avoid Potholes
July 22, 2014
A clever, to the point video, that also references the TRIP report.
State Officials Need To Act On Michigan Roads
July 21, 2014
This opinion page piece from the Midland Daily News takes the Michigan Legislature to task for their inaction on road funding.
New TRIP Report: Michigan Among States With 30% or More Major Rural Roads in Disrepair
July 10, 2014
A new national report shows that 32 percent of rural roads in Michigan are in poor condition.