FACT: One-third of all fatal and serious traffic crashes are due at least in part to poor road conditions.

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Michigan Laborers Road Tour Calls On Legislature to Act on Road Funding

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8th July

To highlight the road funding crisis, the Michigan Laborers hosted press conferences across the state recently.

Mark Schauer: Put politics aside and just fix Michigan’s roads

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28th January

Mark Schauer: “There will be 11,000 jobs created by making an investment in our roads, bridges, transit and infrastructure.”

Michigan Laborers support fixing our roads now

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16th January

“Our members are ready to get to work fixing our roads and bridges to help rebuild Michigan’s economy.”

Latest News and Blog Posts

Come back frequently for the latest news on Michigan's roads crisis, along with blog posts from members of our coalition and others who agree: just fix the roads now!

States are Actually Driving Transportation Funding Declines
September 24, 2014
But states are at least as much to blame for the drop in transportation spending over the last decade as the federal government, according...
How Much is Legislative Inaction on Road Funding Costing Us?
September 17, 2014
Legislative inaction on road funding is costing Michigan taxpayers $2.7 million per day.
Pothole Damage Claims Increased 249 Percent This Year
September 9, 2014
It shouldn't surprise us: lack of investment in infrastructure has resulted in an massive increase in pothole claims to the state.
SEMCOG: Michigan Lawmakers Need to Get On Fixing State’s Roads Now
September 8, 2014
SEMCOG urges legislative action on Michigan's roads
Editorial: Lawmakers clueless on Michigan’s road to ruin
September 3, 2014
The Michigan Legislature needs to pay attention to Michigan road funding, not wolves, according to this editorial by the Detroit Free Press.
Salt Prices Soar – Another Hit for Cash-Strapped Road Agencies
August 26, 2014
State and local road agencies are bracing for a massive increase in salt prices this year as they prepare for winter.
Susan J. Demas: Detroit flood isn’t enough to push GOP Legislature to lead on roads

After essentially taking the summer off to campaign, leaders have thrown up their hands on roads, which voters say is their No. 1 issue.