Ahli Bank=0% 3.69/0      Aamal Holding=-0.55% 0.73/20,169      Khaleej Takaful+0.46% 2.18/1,127      Barwa+0.88% 3.42/1,614,515      Commercial Bank+0.22% 4.46/10,000      Dalalah=0% 0.63/30,750      Doha Bank -0.78% 2.54/3,550      Doha Insurance+3.92% 1.06/10,000      Ezdan=0.31% 0.64/45,645      Gulf International -1.08% 1.83/3,000      Gulf Warehouse+1.4% 5.07/1,019      Islamic Holding Group -1.44% 2.06/718      Industries Qatar=0% 10.30/642,859      Khaliji Bank+0.83% 1.21/413,632      Rayyan Bank+0.78% 3.90/2,668,089      Mannaai -0.32% 3.11/17,228      Medicare -1.49% 8.60/1,330      Al Meera=0% 15.60/230      Mesaieed Petrochemical Holding Company+1.95% 2.61/126,525      Mazaya Qatar=0.42% 0.72/5,077      National Leasing=0.88% 0.68/517,554      Ooredoo+0.27% 7.31/1,000      QAMCO=0.12% 0.81/14,036      Qatar Insurance+2.25% 3.18/725,560      Al Rayan Qatar ETF+0.78% 2.32/30,959      Cinema=0% 2.40/0      QE Index ETF=0% 10.09/0      Electricity and Water+2.16% 16.55/216,964      * Qatar First Bank (QFC)=0.32% 0.31/1,000      Qatar Fuel+1.91% 22.99/500      Qatar German Medical -0.97% 0.61/8,791      General Insurance=0% 2.59/65,000      Qatar Gas Transport=0% 2.50/3,138,194      QIB+0.26% 15.34/5,000      Qatari Investors Group+0.59% 1.71/531,966      International Islamic Bank+0.61% 9.94/15,979      Ind. Manf Co.=0% 3.26/8,862      Islamic Insurance=0% 7.00/4,979      QNB+1.92% 19.59/2,801,607      Qatar Cement -0.69% 5.75/1,359      Navigation -1.3% 6.06/456,584      Qatar&Oman Inv+0.8% 0.51/250      Salam International=-0.25% 0.41/62,688      United Dev.=0% 1.39/919,657      Vodafon Qatar+1.67% 1.22/5,920      Widam Food Company+0.77% 6.57/2,290      Zad Holding Company -0.22% 13.90/1,000      
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